do you ever post more details about the items in the collections? like the blue dress in the recent hunchback post - what brand is it? It looks familiar and i love it. Curious if its still available and how much it is. thanks!
- Anonymous

^^you can find it there. I’m not sure if it’s still available, but that’s for sure the link (: 

Abigail: "Amelia, if I walk much further, I’ll get flat feet."
Amelia: "Abigail, we were born with flat feet."
The Tea Party Tote from Betsey Johnson was too cute for me to not include it!
I love him and that military coat!
Abu was my start to the Secondary Characters theme!

Because there are no minor characters (:

Cave of Wonders reference somewhere in here. Can you find it? 
I’m Baaaaaaaaaaaack.

Sorry about being gone so long. Really no excuse. Just adjusting to college and not much inspiration. But I’m back and my queue is starting to be rebuilt. I’m sorry, guys! Love you!

Request (:
do you post links to your looks?
- Anonymous

if you tell me the outfit, I’ll post each individual like to the store it comes from. <3

Once Upon A Wardrobe
Classic Looks For A Modern Princess
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